Many people rely on astrology for various reasons, ranging from relationships to finding security about health issues or, generally, knowing what the future holds in store for them. Astrology is also immensely useful, and it can help you with your career. Here is how:

You Can Learn More About Yourself

Depending on your zodiac sign, an authentic astrologer can help generate a lot of self-awareness about yourself and give you some great insights. For instance, if you are an Aries, you are most likely very competitive and like to take charge of things. Based on these qualities, you can pick the right career choices for yourself.

You Can Prevent Mistakes and Risks

The astrologer will be able to point out your individual strengths and weaknesses. When you become aware of weaknesses, such as, say, in the area of finances, then you will be able to address your issues and work through them.
You may even become aware of certain behavioral traits belonging to your zodiac sign that may not serve you well. For instance, if you are a Leo, the astrologer may be able to inform you whether you are the type of person to work well in groups and take the necessary criticism from your superiors.


You Can Get an Astrological Career Report Done

If you want to get to know yourself on a much deeper level, you can even avail yourself of the many online astrological services available. Make sure to search through and find reputed ones that have good reviews.
The astrological career report will contain relevant information like your Midheaven (also known as Medium Coeli) and its aspects, the Second house cusp ruler and occupying planets, your Saturn placement, along with the North Node sign.

All this information will show you the various positive and negative aspects that your personality contains. You will also come to know what you value the most, and it will help you look for the kind of work lifestyle that best suits you.
Hence, you can make better career decisions. After all, it is not just about finding yourself at the top of the organization but also about your well-being and overall prosperity. This is why astrology is so indispensable.


Get More Perspectives

Many people find eastern astrology to be very beneficial. You can go for Chinese or Vedic astrology. These systems of astrology work differently than Western astrology, and getting some additional perspectives from them can be a really interesting experiment.

For instance, Chinese astrology is quite complex, and it has zodiac signs such as rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, boar, and dog. Hence, it can be fun to explore your personality through a rich eastern perspective.


Many people rely on Vedic astrology and psychic reading for its efficacy as well. The tenth house in your horoscope, known as the karmasthan, will let you know what kind of profession you might go for. You can gain deeper levels of awareness about your karmic destiny and fulfill your purpose.

Mediumship is a wonderful way to communicate with those who have died. It certainly feels good to communicate with them using all of your senses. Although some people have psychic powers since birth, if you are interested in the subject, you can enroll in mediumship courses to hone your ability. Taking mediumship classes is a fantastic method to connect with your spiritual self and the spirits around you. If you enjoy serving others, mediumship is a wonderful method to communicate with the spirits and help those in need in several ways. So, enroll in mediumship classes to have a better understanding of life and to reawaken your souls!

Psychic skills are not for everyone, but they can be developed gradually over time. However, if you believe you possess some of the skills, you can learn about them here. There’s a good probability you’re a medium if you’ve ever had a connection with someone who has passed away. There may be instances when you experience an odd sense around you, such as being confined to space or seeing unusual sights. If you have any preceding feelings or skills, learn to welcome them and use them to serve those around you.

Do you want to communicate with loved ones who aren’t in this world anymore? Or are you just longing for a spiritual awakening? Take a break and contact psychic medium readers who might help you discover something new.
Getting a medium reading will help you comfort and heal, especially if you are suffering the loss of someone close to you. They provide you with answers to your questions that you’ve been looking for a long time, allowing you to feel fulfilled. It not only helps connect with the spirits of the other world, but it also provides motivation, enlightenment, and comfort to those going through difficult times in their lives.

If you have psychic abilities and wish to use them to their full potential, becoming a psychic medium could be an excellent choice. Becoming a psychic medium has benefits you may not have thought of. It’s not just about making touch with the spirits; you’ll also be able to witness several spirits, including your loved ones. With your unique abilities, you can fully understand the true purpose of life. Being a medium will always make you feel loved without leaving you lonely. You may cure yourself and others while also letting go of your fears of death.

People at different phases of their life are eager to know about their future events. However, most of the predictions made by a psychic reader may not always be true. People believe them as a guide or as mental support. Through a free psychic reading, the customer becomes aware of any bad incident with them in the distant future. As a result, you have the chance to get prepared for both the best and worst events that may arise in your life.

Unfortunately, finding the best psychics is quite a hard task. You need to get the correct readings. After all, you are paying for your valuable time and money. There are a plethora of online psychic websites which commit to having undefined abilities and superpowers. Therefore, finding a genuine one is the real task.

Every customer is curious to know their future. After all, it is a matter of their future, and they have the right to know about their future incidents. But at the same time, they do not want to get cheated at any cost. Therefore, you need to consider a few things before dealing with a psychic reader. Many psychic experts provide free psychic reading, but it does not mean that they will have an unprofessional attitude towards you. In contrast, few genuine psychics offer free consultation and provide extra time if you request them or if you want an explanation of certain meanings they have predicted.

Now you will come to know about a few tips which will help to determine whether you are working with a legitimate person or not. It is essential to know if your appointment is with a psychic or a psychic medium. Their main job is to connect with people who have already expired. In comparison, a psychic medium is a way of discussing matters like career, future, and relationship. You need to make sure which one you are dealing with before fixing your schedule.

Once you know with whom you are dealing, you will feel confident. Below there are some tips that will guide you through signing up or help you to know whether you are dealing with a legitimate person or not.

You Feel Something Wrong During the Session

A reputed psychic does not provide a prediction over some sensitive issue like death or makes you aware of the curse that you have, even though they have a good online rating. If the Psychologist makes an effort to do any kind of business deal with you, which makes you feel that you are not dealing with a genuine person, you should show them a red flag.

An untrained psychic readers may find it hard to make a bond with their customers. Generally, when this kind of situation arises, they will ask the client how they should proceed or stop the session abruptly. On the other hand, famous psychics won’t dare to bluff you in any way and earn money. If you feel that they are making you a fool anyway, consider being scammed.

Pay Your Entire Focus

You need to take note of the information that you get. Although it may take some time, you have the right to know everything. You need to have an open-minded nature if you want real readings. But if you are visiting the psychic reader with a pre-assumption in your mind, then the session may disappoint you and maybe be a waste of money.

If a psychic reader offers little personal information about themselves, it is a real psychic sign. This is done to make the connection stronger. The information may not be necessarily formatted, and the conversation during the session may sometimes sound unusual, random, and odd. So it is important to focus on such details that you get.

Therefore, sometimes a psychic is not always a trickster, but your mindset is making the result fake for you. Sometimes in life, you do not always get what you expect. So when you visit a psychic predictions expert, it is better to not expect anything positive from them because you may become disappointed later.

Vital Points to Remember

The goal of the majority of the session is around a specific plan. During the session, many best psychics committed to lifting the curse, conducting weird religious practices. If you also face such a situation, then do one thing, don’t ever fall for it. Plus, if the psychic tries to compel you to buy any products, then consider that they are doing only business with you and not providing the actual service.

The internet has a plethora of data for every guy who wants to find help from experts sitting in any part of the world. At the same time, it has given birth to scammers as well. This theory is also applicable even in the case of free online psychic readings too. While dealing with a psychic, there are things to consider. If the psychic talks in such a way that seems to please you at any cost, then you should end the session right away.

How to Prepare For the Sessions

Due to the advancement of modern technology, many sectors have developed and grown. And psychic reading also has developed. Nowadays phone psychics can earn their bread through psychic online classes. In this pandemic situation, you can fix an online session with them. It is better to arrange the appointments over the phone or on the internet in such critical times. However, you should always believe in trusted references.

When the reader is unable to know your deeper thoughts, naturally, they will not perform the prediction correctly. Aside from just making a connection, they also need to offer you some special energy. So it is advisable to look for a psychic reader who can read auras and may not need any physical details about you. The accuracy of free psychic reading may vary from one psychic reader to another.

You have to know such things before getting prepared for visiting a psychic reader at no cost. At first, during an online free psychic reading session, you can skip the trouble of picking cards. Some readers can offer an accurate reading by making a deeper connection with the client.

Finally, there are many kinds of free psychic readings, and you should do thorough research before investing any penny. You need to understand which reading will meet your requirement. For instance, there are tarot, spiritual and past life readings that help guide a person during turmoil. Knowing what type of readings can help you, you will be able to plant the first foot in the right direction.


Life cannot go as you expect. There will be both hardship and happiness, and you need to accept both of these things. In some cases, people lose hope and allow what is happening. There are a few uncertainties that can make your life hell. But if you could hint at the upcoming bad incidents, it will help you prepare for the worst-case scenario. You should take the guidance of a well-known psychic reader near you, and they will be able to be aware of the distant future.

The care of Life is the fundamental content of Peace. The people, the families, the communities, the processes that are part of the Ethnic and Popular Peasant Agrarian Summit call for an end to violence.

The history of peace cannot continue to be written with blood, nor with fear, nor with terror towards the Colombian people. The Peace that we are doing talks, summons and proposes a change in the relationship between human beings and nature.

We asked the Colombian government and the armed forces Why were Diana Luz Solano assassinated in Zaragoza Antioquia and Víctor Manuel Morato in Yondo Antioquia on January 17? Why was Plinio Pulgarin assassinated in San José de Uré on January 18? Cordova? Why were Luis Díaz López and Miller Díaz López murdered in Tame Arauca on January 19? Why were José Olmedo Obando assassinated in Ipiales Nariño and Harley Johanny Mogollón Becerra in Saravena Arauca on January 22? Why on January 22, Nahum Quintero, José Barahona and Eduard Rojas were harassed by the National Police, in the La Mata district in southern Cesar? Why on January 25, in Garifa-Sucre, were Humberto Manuel Escobar Mercado, Prisciliano Manuel Mercado García, and Manuel Eusebio Osorio Escobar assassinated? Why on January 26, Was Eleazar Tequía Bitucay an indigenous guard assassinated in Chocó? Why on January 27 did the survivor of the Mapirípan (Meta) massacre Cecilia Lozano once again survive an attempted murder with a knife that injured her face and back? Why, that same day, was Temístocles Machado, leader of the Buenaventura civic strike, assassinated? Why was Nicomedes Payán Segura assassinated in López de Micay on January 29? Why were Leidy Amaya assassinated in San Calixto Norte de Santander and Nixon Mutis Sossa in Cantagallo Bolivar on January 30? Why on January 31, was Antonio Maria Vargas Madrid assassinated in San Jose de Ure Cordoba? Why on February 1, was Yolanda Maturana assassinated in Risaralda? Why is fear sowing terror with bombings on the Chagpien Tordo indigenous reservation? Why in Colombia,

From January 4 to February 6, 2018. There have been 26 homicides of social leaders and human rights defenders. Of which the majority were peasants, indigenous people and Afro-descendants who were part of the organizations that make up the Ethnic and Popular Peasant Agrarian Summit.

We ask ourselves and ask the Government:

In the framework of the Peace Processes carried out between the national government with the FARC-EP and the ELN, the reduction in the death of combatants at times of de-escalation of the armed conflict was evident; However, the strengthening of paramilitarism in the regions and the actions of the Public Force, as fundamental actors in the increase in socio-political violence against social leaders and Human Rights defenders, is worrying, together with a lack of diligence in the duties of respect, prevention and effective protection and guarantee of Human Rights by the Colombian State.

The Human Rights subcommittee of the Agrarian Summit has systematized and denounced the murder of 316 social leaders and Human Rights defenders between the years 2016 (116), 2017 (174) and 2018 (26) and of 47 members FARC in the process of reincorporation and 13 relatives of these. This year 2018, 26 leaders have been murdered, 25 of them after January 9, when the Bilateral Ceasefire between the ELN and the National Government will end.

In 2017, there were 139,000 internal forced displacements and so far this year, they have exceeded 3,200 forcibly displaced persons.

Faced with this humanitarian crisis, the war against the social and popular movement, and the militarization of the territories, the State cannot answer us that it is due to problems of skirts or personal reasons, it has been to claim land, accompany victim processes, exercise the right autonomy and determination of the peoples, and propose present and future without inequality; Why the peace that was agreed but still needs to be implemented and that we want to continue talking in Quito is one where we stop eliminating ourselves, where we put our country’s aspirations at the center, and implement transformations that make possible that other Colombia that we deserve in the countryside and in the city.

We do not deserve broken families, frightened communities, because that time is no longer that of this generation, not that of those of us who are part of the Ethnic and Popular Peasant Agrarian Summit. Being a social leader is not a crime, creating democracy is not a crime, taking care of Colombian sovereignty is not a crime, defending the self-determination of ethnic peoples is not a crime. Every day the calendar for the implementation of the peace accords marks threats, murders, displacements and stigmatization.

In the period that remains, this government must focus on making visible how social leaders are making a fairer country possible, and the governments that follow must bet on social, economic and political transformations and guarantee the rights to the truth. , justice, reparation and non-repetition.

We demand and demand justice, we demand effective psychic investigation and action from the relevant jurisdictions, we demand that international guarantors go to the territories where leaders continue to be assassinated, we demand the removal of the high military commanders responsible for human rights violations, we demand For the military forces to withdraw from our territories, we demand respect for our own governments that exercise autonomous authority in our territories.

Due to the previous context, the Agrarian Summit demands that the parties to the peace talks in Quito install the fifth cycle and agree to a new bilateral halt with effective humanitarian relief for the communities; in addition, that the agreed agenda be developed, especially the point of participation of society related to the points of transformation and democracy for peace, and victims. Likewise, we continue to demand that the Government comply with the agreements reached with the FARC and compliance with the agreements with the social movement and the Agrarian Summit, especially the activation and development of the Human Rights Subcommittee within the framework of the Single National Month, scenario which is in crisis due to the government’s failure to comply with the agreed agendas and commitments.

Report on Human Rights and Violation of International Humanitarian Law in Colombia addressed to the President of Colombia Mr. Juan Manuel Santos, to the Minister of the Interior Juan Fernando Cristo, to Mr. Todd Howland United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights – UN Human Rights , to Mr. Carlos Alfonso Negret Mosquera Defender of the People, to the organizations that defend human rights, to all the media and local, national and international public opinion.

From the Sub-Commission on Guarantees and Human Rights of the Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Agrarian Summit, we have shown that as a result of the Peace processes between the national government and the armed insurgencies of the ELN and the FARC-EP, a decrease in the effects on civilians, combatants and property derived from the internal armed conflict. However, the rates of socio-political violence against human rights defenders, leaders and social and popular leaders have been increasing.

The foregoing is aggravated by the confluence of factors such as: a. The presence and reconfiguration of the paramilitary phenomenon in the territories; b. The return to the regions of those who in the past were members of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia [AUC] given their release due to a sentence served within the framework of the application of the so-called law of justice and peace; c. territorial conflicts due to the existence of megaprojects and economic interests; and d. The wave of political violence unleashed against those of us who defend the political solution to the Colombian armed conflict.

From January 1 to December 4, 2016, in our database we have registered the following effects against Human Rights Defenders who are members and leaders of peasant, indigenous, Afro-descendant, women, trade unionists, victims, students, youth organizations , diverse and civic neighborhood communities.

a) Homicides
In 2016 there have been ninety-four (94) homicides against Human Rights defenders. The highest figure in the last 6 years and 31 more than the previous year.

b) Attacks
We have registered forty-six (46) attacks, which were committed by groups of armed men (some in civilian clothes, others in black, camouflaged or covering their faces with ski masks). Those who move aboard motor vehicles (trucks or motorcycles) or on foot in rural areas or populated centers.

Long- and short-range firearms and / or explosive devices are used for its execution.

c) Threats
There have been 302 direct and indirect individual or collective threats (pamphlets, calls, votes, bouquets of flowers, slaughtered animal heads, and the offering of financial rewards for attempting against the lives of human rights defenders).

d) Violence against women
Cases have been presented where women have been victims of femicides, sexual violence and other forms of violence.

e) Enforced disappearances
There have been five cases of enforced disappearance against local and regional leaders in different areas of the country.

f) Arbitrary raids and theft of sensitive information.
Seven cases of arbitrary searches and / or theft of information have been reported against local and regional leaders in different areas of the country.

g) Military and Police repression of social mobilization
According to the “Minga Agraria, Ethnic and Popular 2016 Report” of the National Directorate for Attention and Complaints Processing of the Ombudsman’s Office, between May 30 and June 12, 2016, the period in which the Agrarian Minga was developed , ethnic and popular, 3 participants died, 80 were injured and 151 detained. According to the reports of the sub-commission, there were: 3 homicides, 181 were wounded, 151 detained, 20 attacks and 12 death threats were presented.

h) The impunity of the acts committed against Human Rights defenders by psychic members of the Public Force and paramilitary groups.
A factor of denial systematicity, re-victimization and legitimization of violence in Colombia, is generated from the statements by some public officials and members of the public force, with actions of delegitimization of the victims by pointing out and emphasizing the Presumably he did not belong to social and political organizations, to expose possible judicial antecedents and to point out factors external to the political persecution as motives.

Characterization of Paramilitarism in Colombia in 2016
Paramilitary action in the national territory stands as the main threat to the peace process between the armed insurgency of the FARC-EP and the national government and the dialogues with the insurgency of the ELN, which eventually begin in their public phase in the coming days. .

So far in 2016, from the Sub-Commission on Guarantees and Human Rights of the Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Agrarian Summit, we have registered the presence of at least 13 Paramilitary groups that call themselves:

“United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia – AUC”
“Peasant Self-Defense Forces Eastern Bloc Meta Vichada and Guaviare”
“Self-defense of Norte de Santander”
“New generation”
“New order”
“New Renacer AUC”
“Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia”
“Clan del Golfo”
“The Urabeños”
“Clan Usuga”
“The Rastrojos”
“Anti-Land Restitution Army”
“Black Eagles”
Which have developed military actions in wide regions of the national territory, corresponding to 22 departments, the Capital District and 162 municipalities.

Each of the aforementioned actions constitute criminal and disciplinary types that, although they must be investigated and punished to date, remain in impunity, despite the fact that they have been publicly denounced and legal and political actions have been taken to demand guarantees; However, the situation continues and increases, calling into question the existence of true guarantees for the exercise of the opposition and political participation in Colombia.

Therefore, we demand and command:
Compliance with the commitments acquired with the organizational processes of coca, marijuana and poppy growers in past mobilizations.
A program of substitution of social, gradual, concerted, structural and environmental crops of coca leaves, marijuana and poppies that goes beyond the implementation of violent eradication and spraying programs with glyphosate that threaten the dignified life of Indigenous, Afro descendants and Peasants. We reject substitution based on the imposition of agro-industrial crops such as oil palm, rubber and the like. It will be the communities who promote the replacement proposals, not the national government.
A program of social, gradual, concerted, structural and environmental substitution that allows generating an alternative source of income for coca, marijuana and poppy growers. Said program should be done with an emphasis on territorial ordering and planning, agreeing on procedures, times and mechanisms with the agrarian communities and their representative organizations, based on the recognition, formulation and execution of sustainable, comprehensive and life development plans.
The liberation of the prisoners prosecuted for activities related to the cultivation and collection of marijuana, coca and poppies.
Non-application of the extinction of domain in the properties of small marijuana, coca and poppy growers.
A substitution policy based on the promotion of productive crops typical of the peasant economy that are marketable and with crop insurance in the short, medium and long term. Such policy will be based on two guiding axes: the first refers to the design and implementation of Sustainable Productive Systems and the second to the stabilization and guarantee of the integrality of rights.
Substitution programs based on the stabilization of Sustainable Production Systems and attending to 6 lines of action: access to land, sustainable production systems, infrastructure improvement, transformation and addition of value on the property, access to technical assistance and technology, and access to markets.
Respect and strengthen the traditional, medicinal, nutritional and industrial uses of the coca leaf, poppy and marijuana, within the framework of the productive systems of the agrarian communities.
Support from the State for the production and industrialization of food, medicine and other derivative products in coca, poppy and marijuana crops.
Guarantee the national communication deployment through all available means to disseminate, educate and train communities on the sacred and ancestral use related to the cultivation of coca, psychic reading, poppy and marijuana.
Do not grant patents for coca, marijuana and poppy plants and products for legal use.
The treatment of the consumer as a matter of public health, including their care in the health system.

The country needs a Territorial Ordering process where the communities are the ones who redefine the way in which production is organized, land use is distributed, the subsoil is governed, and air, water, strategic ecosystems and means of protection are protected. life of agrarian communities. This order will aim to harmonize the conservation of the natural environment with the use for the survival of the agrarian communities.

Therefore, we demand and command:
That it be the communities and peoples who define what should be the uses of the territory and the ways of inhabiting, conserving and caring for it in accordance with the worldviews of the agrarian peoples and communities, according to their own differential policy that includes ethnic distinctions, regional and productive sectors, and that guarantees legal security for individual and collective territories.
The required territorial ordering will be based on the definition and respect of the collective figures of self-government and defense of the territory, including:

Indigenous reservations and ancestral territories
Afro-Colombian collective territories
Peasant Reserve Zones
Agrifood Zones
Biodiversity zones
Inter-ethnic and intercultural territories
Other forms of exercising the territoriality of the communities. These will have the character of inalienable and imprescriptible.
The organizations, communities, authorities and peoples mobilized or that by autonomous decision are included in the process, we will develop our own route to define the terms of land use planning to guarantee permanence in the territory and inter-ethnic and intercultural coexistence. This own route is part of a peace initiative promoted by the peasant, indigenous, Afro and urban-popular organizations that participate in the process.

That the national government give us guarantees for the elaboration of this territorial ordering route and that the aforementioned figures be consigned in the Colombian regulations and are regulated in accordance with the decisions of the participating organizations, peoples and communities. Including the constitutional recognition of the peasant collective territoriality.
A comprehensive agrarian reform policy that redistributes and democratizes land ownership, that dismantles large estates as a historical expression of inequality and generates secure access to land for those who lack it, as well as the guarantee of territorial autonomy for peasants, indigenous and afro. This agrarian reform policy should be built hand in hand with the rural and urban-popular organizations.
This policy must have a territorial approach and not simply access to land, hence it should not be limited to the provision of land for rural communities, but rather redistribute the set of common goods found in rural territories and in the margins between the rural and the urban, ensuring their coverage, guarantee and access for indigenous peoples, Afro, peasants and urban-popular.

The constitution of a land fund that feeds on the plundered properties, the properties of drug traffickers, those who do not fulfill the social function of property, that violate their natural vocation and the vacant lots illegally appropriated by the agribusiness.
That the historical rights of indigenous peoples, the Raizal people and Afro communities to their territories be recognized, and especially the inalienable collective property of indigenous reservations, ancestral territories and territories of Afro communities.
That the collective titling processes for indigenous and Afro peoples be completed, which are still pending.
That all plans and projects that threaten the enjoyment of land for peasant, indigenous and Afro communities, including surface rights and carbon markets in favor of national or foreign entrepreneurs, stop. We consider that these measures are another form of dispossession against the psychic peoples.
That the right of prevalence be applied to the territories of indigenous, Afro and peasant communities, in case of disputes with transnational companies, landowners and dispossessors.
That prior consultation and free and informed prior consent be extended to peasant communities, extending the application of ILO Convention 169. Guarantee with a binding character the right to prior consultation and prior, free and informed consent to peasant, indigenous and Afro-descendant communities on projects and regulations that affect their environment, socially, politically, environmentally, and economically. and the cultural.
That the massive land purchases made by companies that have violated Law 160 of 1994 be declared void, by acquiring extensions greater than the UAF authorized in said regulation.
That the vacant lots are used exclusively to guarantee the right to land of peasants, rural workers, Afro-Colombian and indigenous population.
That all forms of foreignization of the land be outlawed. In no case may natural or legal persons of foreign origin appropriate, use, lease surface or generate any form of land tenure.
The fulfillment and strengthening of the legislation related to the extinction of ownership of the lands that do not fulfill the social and environmental function of the property.
The comprehensive restitution of the land deprived of the families, communities and peoples who are victims of forced displacement, taking into account collective approaches and community emphasis on such reparation processes.
The return of expropriated land due to peasant debt.
Recognition of the differentiated and gender perspective approach to access, use and enjoyment of territory and land for women
The creation of a new public institutionality to comply with the new territorial order, agrarian reform, environmental protection and other provisions of the document.
The sea is another territorial expression, which needs the guarantee of the rights of coastal communities and artisanal fishermen