Therefore, we demand and command:
Compliance with the commitments acquired with the organizational processes of coca, marijuana and poppy growers in past mobilizations.
A program of substitution of social, gradual, concerted, structural and environmental crops of coca leaves, marijuana and poppies that goes beyond the implementation of violent eradication and spraying programs with glyphosate that threaten the dignified life of Indigenous, Afro descendants and Peasants. We reject substitution based on the imposition of agro-industrial crops such as oil palm, rubber and the like. It will be the communities who promote the replacement proposals, not the national government.
A program of social, gradual, concerted, structural and environmental substitution that allows generating an alternative source of income for coca, marijuana and poppy growers. Said program should be done with an emphasis on territorial ordering and planning, agreeing on procedures, times and mechanisms with the agrarian communities and their representative organizations, based on the recognition, formulation and execution of sustainable, comprehensive and life development plans.
The liberation of the prisoners prosecuted for activities related to the cultivation and collection of marijuana, coca and poppies.
Non-application of the extinction of domain in the properties of small marijuana, coca and poppy growers.
A substitution policy based on the promotion of productive crops typical of the peasant economy that are marketable and with crop insurance in the short, medium and long term. Such policy will be based on two guiding axes: the first refers to the design and implementation of Sustainable Productive Systems and the second to the stabilization and guarantee of the integrality of rights.
Substitution programs based on the stabilization of Sustainable Production Systems and attending to 6 lines of action: access to land, sustainable production systems, infrastructure improvement, transformation and addition of value on the property, access to technical assistance and technology, and access to markets.
Respect and strengthen the traditional, medicinal, nutritional and industrial uses of the coca leaf, poppy and marijuana, within the framework of the productive systems of the agrarian communities.
Support from the State for the production and industrialization of food, medicine and other derivative products in coca, poppy and marijuana crops.
Guarantee the national communication deployment through all available means to disseminate, educate and train communities on the sacred and ancestral use related to the cultivation of coca, psychic reading, poppy and marijuana.
Do not grant patents for coca, marijuana and poppy plants and products for legal use.
The treatment of the consumer as a matter of public health, including their care in the health system.

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